ThaumCraft for Minecraft 1.0.0

hello friends, today im posting ThaumCraft. All credits goes to Azanor
What is a Thaum you ask? As any Terry Pratchett fan knows the thaum is the basic unit of magic. One thaum is defined to be the amount of magic which is needed to create a white pigeon or three billiard balls.
At its core this mod allows you to turn raw matter in thaum, which can then be used to power magical symbols, enchant items or even turn back into different, slightly tastier kinds of matter.

The Blocks

Thaumic Crucible
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The first thing you will need to craft to get started with this mod. Any object thrown into the crucible is destroyed and converted into liquid thaum. The thaumic value of items differ, but the rarer or harder something is to find, the more thaum it produces. Anything the crucible cannot process, or that is of too little value is simply spit out again.
Care must be taken not to overfill the crucible. Liquid thaum is quite volatile and having puddles of it lying around can have consequences ranging from annoying to catastrophic… though occasionally something useful happens.

Conduits & Nodes
Posted Image Posted ImageConduit Posted ImageNode
Liquid thaum cannot be handled safely so to transfer it from the crucible to things that need it you need glass conduits. Nodes can be connected to conduits to act as storage containers, but they have a far more important purpose than that – Symbols draw their power from nodes to power their mystical effects. For mysterious and arcane reason Nodes cannot be placed directly adjacent to each other.

Thaumic Infuser
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Now you have your crucible filled with thaum and enough conduits to take it where you wish, but what to do with it? The Infuser is used to enchant mundane objects with thaumic energy. You fill the bottom slot with template items like blank symbols and the top slot with the object or block to be infused. Interrupting the infusion process is mostly harmless, but any thaum used thus far is lost, so take care.
See below for what items can be created with the infuser.

Thaumic Condenser
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Surely there must be some way to draw thaum directly from the air? Yes there is!
The Condenser can suck background thaum right out of the air, but it doesn’t work just anywhere. You need to find areas with higher levels of background thaumic radiation. These can be found with a thaumic detector (see below), or just by keeping an eye out for locales with strange creatures or ancient artifacts. Note that the rate at which it produces thaum is very, very slow. The rate does vary with the current phase of the moon (fuller is better), and there might be other ways to boost its speed.
The main problem is finding the crystallized thaum to craft the infuser, as it does not occur naturally. It can only be found as the result of magical mishaps or from the remains of thaumicly charged creatures.

Thaumic Duplicator
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Excess thaum filling your conduits and creating a mess around your crucible? Why not turn it back into matter? Any item placed into the input slot is doubled. Free stuff!
Not quite. It costs five times more thaum to create an item than you would receive from burning it in a crucible. Not a cheap process, but worthwile to copy those hard to find items.
NOTE: Some object cannot be copied. No one knows why – must be something to do with quantum.

Symbols & Runes
Posted Image Posted ImageBlank Symbol Posted ImageBlank Rune
Combining blank symbols with various blocks or items in an infuser creates special magical circles, err, I mean squares that can be placed on the ground or against walls. They have varying effects and their functions can be modified further by placing a rune on the symbol.
By default most symbols affect an area 7 squares wide and 7 squares long depending on how there were placed. Most symbols can be deactivated by connecting them to active redstone current.
There are 6 types of runes (iron, gold, diamond, flint, redstone and lapis), each crafted by combining a blank rune with the appropriate item). They modify the functioning of the symbol they are placed on (see below).

Iron (iron ingot) / Stone (stone block)
The Iron symbol pulls items towards it, while the stone symbol pushes them away. The symbols do not consume thaum, but the item speed is quite slow. Any movement occurs on the horizontal axis only. If within range of a node the pull/push strength is increased, but thaum is consumed.
Iron rune doubles area. The gold symbol causes the symbol to push or pull on the vertical axis as well. The diamond symbol causes any items that reach the iron symbol to be sucked up and placed in an adjacent chest.

Gold (gold ingot) / Lapis (lapis)
Similar to the iron and stone symbols, except the gold symbol pulls mobs and the lapis symbol pushed them away. Any movement occurs on the horizontal axis only. If within range of a node the pull/push strength is increased, but thaum is consumed.
Iron rune doubles area. The gold symbol causes the symbol to push or pull on the vertical axis as well.

Mossy (mossy cobblestone)
The mossy symbol promotes the growth of plants. Crops, reeds, cacti, melons and watermelons grow much faster along as there is a node nearby and there is thaum to consume. As a side effect moss also slowly grows on any cobblestone in the area, but not everything can be perfect.
Iron rune doubles area.

Earth (dirt)
The earth symbol has several practical uses. By default it tills any dirt or grass blocks in its area (at no thaum cost), and when imbued with a diamond rune it also harvest fully grown crops, melons, etc. Harvesting does require a nearby node and costs thaum.
Iron rune doubles area.

Frozen (snow block)
This rune sends out a blast of freezing cold towards any animals or monsters. This blast of freezing cold hampers their movement. If it is within range of a node the slowing effect is greatly increased at the cost of minor thaum consumption.
Iron rune doubles area. With redstone rune it only targets hostile mobs. With lapis rune it only targets animals. With a gold rune it slowly lifts the mob into the air. With a diamond rune it can affect more than one mob at a time.

Blazing (blaze rod)
This rune sends out a stream of fire at any living creature other than the player. This symbol must be within range of a node and requires thaum to work.
Iron rune doubles area. With redstone rune it only targets hostile mobs. With lapis rune it only targets animals. With a gold rune it does increased damage (but also consumes more thaum). With a diamond rune it can affect more than one mob at a time.

Seeing (spider eye)
This symbol detects any entities in its area and sends out a redstone current. By default it detects all mobs, animals, items and the player. This symbol does not consume thaum.
Iron rune doubles area. It only detects the player with a gold rune. It only detects hostile with a redstone rune. It only detects animals with a lapis rune. It only detects items with a flint rune.



Both these molds are crafted in a normal crafting table.
Posted ImageItem Template Posted ImageInfusion Mold

Thaum Detector (item template + compass)
When placed on your hotbar, this item alerts you when you are within a locale with higher than normal thaumic radiation.

Alumentum (infusion mold + coal)
Infusing coal in a mold imbues it with mystical power, allowing it to burn for much longer. Alumentum can be infused multiple times, each time increasing its power and burn time. The mold is not consumed during the infusion process.

Nitor (infusion mold + glowstone dust)
Like coal, glowstone dust can be infused multiple times, turning it into increasingly potent Nitor. Oddly enough, more thaum can be extracted from Nitor in a crucible than it cost to infuse in the first place. There must be some way to make a profit out of this odd feature. The mold is not consumed during the infusion process.

Thaumic Singularity (Incandescent Nitor + Incandescent Alumentum)
Combining Nitor and Alumentum in an infuser results in a horribly unstable and dangerous orb. If you are silly enough to make this, then it is probably best to throw it away as soon as possible – right clicking will make sure it is thrown quite far. Remember to stand back when you do this as the results are quite spectacular.
I have heard that it is possible to stabilize the singularity with an infusion mold, but not only did that destroy my mold, but it just made the singularity more dangerous.

Other Mysteries

Thaumic slimes
These slimes can be found in areas of increased thaumic radiation. Without a nearby source of thaum they are quite hostile, but if such a source exists they quickly cluster around and suck it dry. If they consume enough thaum they increase in both size and appetite. A dangerous nuisance at the best of times, but a possible catastrophe in the making should they make their way into your lab. Occasionally their remains do however yield interesting things.

Ancient Obelisks
Posted Image
These dark monoliths are found quite rarely, and are usually found in or near areas of high thaumic radiation. They have interesting effects if incorporated into your thaum processing operation, but are quite dangerous to move – unless you build your operation around them.
Moving these obelisks require a most delicate touch, and even then their disassembly requires care and logical thought. Assembling them is just as treacherous.

Installation Guide


(1) Install Modloader
(2) Install Forge
(3) Download  this mod and place the zip into your Mods Directory.

Download ThaumCraft for Minecraft 1.0.0




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