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How to install:

Below you can download the installer version (easy) file. Chrome users will get “zip” file. unzip the file and open setup file. and install it. For other users you will get “exe” file. Install it! Thats all !

Minecraft 1.7.9

Minecraft Mods:

  1. Download Cheat Pack Mod:

    Cheat Pack Mod is most needed mod if you love to cheat in Minecraft. There are lot of tools you can use in MC 1.7.9 Update. Do cheat and get Enchantments and Potions. If you want to use your Map with this mod, no problem! you can use any map with this mod. Download Cheat Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.7.9

Minecraft 1.7.10

Minecraft Mods:

  1.  Download Super Heroes in Minecraft Mod:

    SHIM mod is adding any Super Hero you want. you can Fly like a Bird, and you can jump High, Breath in under the water and you can swim fast. you can be a Captaion America, Hulk, Thor even Iron Man in this new release for Minecraft 1.7.10. enjoy!

  2. Download TrainCraft Mod:

    This Mod added 100 different trains and wagons and other items in the Minecraft. The Mod is developed by ‘Traincaft’
    If you like to use Train in your game this is the best Mod you need in Minecraft 1.7.10. Good news is this Mod working on bothe Minecraft client and Server.

  3. Download more Explosives Mod:

    More Explosives Mod have great explosive blocks and items that you can use for lot things. This mod can easyly do lot of jobs like clearing land and more similar jobs. if you use this
    mod correctly in minecraft 1.7.10 it works great as you want.

  4. Download Slender Man Mod:

    This mod gives you so much thrills to your game. Slenderman can teleport frequently where ever it wants. And you cant hide from it. This mod is full of excitements. Thats why you should play Slenderman mod for minecraft 1.7.10.

  5. Download ICBM Mod:

    The ICBM mod adds unique and modern weaponry to the game of Minecraft. Such as vast variety of explosives, missiles, detonators, turrets, rockets and radars. When using particular weapons you must make sure to know the basics of firing them. Once you memorised the method this mod will be so easy. ICBM mod for minecraft 1.7.10 can also be installed on servers.

  6. Download Hunger Games Mod:

    This mod is for Hunger Games lovers. You can feel the same excitement from the book and movie in this mod. Now you can spawn your own world with Hunger Games mod. This mod has characters such as Thresh, Rue, Kattniss, Peeta, Clove, Glimmer, Cato and the others. Enjoy !!!

  7. Download Tropicraft Mod:

    Tropicarft mod is all about tropical things. Hawaii, trees, huts, drinks, beaches, seas, and many more. This mod adds wildlife into the minecraft world including new mobs, items, places and so much more.  Credits goes to Cojomax99 for making and developping the mod.

  8. Download Shoulder Surfing Mod:

    ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Gears of War’ fans this mod is for you.. Now you can utilize the same camera perspective in minecraft as in many popular games. This is the main feature in this mod. Although this is a small change it will make the game looks modern. Compatible with other mods. And also this mod can be installed for both client and server and fully updated to version 1.7.10.

  9. Download water Shader Mod:

    This mod is a fix for the just blue, no depth, one colour water. With Water Shader Mod water looks more reflective and beautiful. To install this mod you have to have a powerful computer. Easy to install and uninstall. Compatible with minecraft 1.7.10.

  10. Download Minecraft Capes Mod:

    Everyone needs a Mine con cape. So this mod is about getting your very own cape. You can customise your cape however you want. And you also can make costom capes and upload them for others to use. Happy minecrafting with Minecraft Capes Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10.

  11. Download Mice Workers Mod:

    Mice Workers Mod is to get workers to do your work when you explore. Even there is number of mods like this mod I should say this is the best mod I have seen. This mod gives you better workers who can work faster. Compatibility with Minecraft 1.7.10.

  12. Download FlenixCities Mod:

    This mod is ideal for city makers who is looking for a mod that fixes blocky and blurryness in minecraft. The FlenixCities Mod adds many new blocks with high resolution such as escalators, ATM’s, laptops, soda machines, shelves, computers and fancy glass. These new items have HD and realistic look and helps to look minecraft 1.7.10 more modern. Enjoy your new mod!

  13. Download Witches and More Mod:

    Insane gamers who loves to play with witches in the game this mod is for you. This is the Witches and More Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. The ‘Great Tree’ gives you the ability to craft whole series of building tools. And of course, the mobs: Witches, Once Coice Meat, Endertrolls and JaxxOLanterns are all part of this mod!

  14. Download Too Much TNT Mod:

    Too much TNT is a very useful mod which adds 15 new types of new TNT different effect. And also a new ore called “sulphur” for crafting them. This mod is defferent from other minecraft 1.7.10 weapon mods and is very unque. Install this mod and ensure hours of fun.

  15. Download Spiffy Skins Mod:

    This mod is for who likes to change their skin a lot and expirment with making their own. With Spiffy Skins Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 its very easy to change skins and even quickly. Works with HD, SD, Capes and even just Head textures! Easy installation. Support for both standard and high definition skins!

  16. Download CampCraft Mod:

    Do you guys like camping? So this mod will be a good news for you. With this mod you will be able to craft about 60 different tents in various colors and sizes. For faster and easier set up auto tents are also added. Lanterns, sleepingbags, cook foods using campfire and stoves, more animals for more raslistic camp setting and zombie bears are the things I love about CampCraft Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10.

  17. Download Atomic Science Mod:

    Atomic Science Mod solves your problems with the power in minecraft 1.7.10. It brings you the delight of high-tech nuclear power. Fission reactors, fusion reactors and thorium power! If you install this mod you will have all the power you need. Compatible with most other mods.

  18. Download Snakse’s Mining Bot Mod:

    This is a very clever mod I would say. After installing this mod your player will mine while actually being away from the keyboard. The automated bot is accessed through the server chat. All you have to do is tell the bot what to do by typing in the SMP chat log. Snakse’s Mining Bot Mod is fully updated to Minecraft 1.7.10. and is available for both client or server.

  19. Download My People Mod:

    Like to be a “god”? if u do so My People Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 is the mod for you.This mod enable you to create your own mobs and allies by a scientific complication in which you slash a person and take there blood. More ground works for buildings, The mobs can talk XD, Removed clone mounter, and it adds a clone button to the clones GUI instead are the main features in this mod

  20. Download Modular Force Field System Mod:

    MFFS mod is created by Minecraft Forums member ‘Calclavia’. This mod can do nuclear explosions like blowing your house or if you want to prevent other people entering your secrets areas. This mod is compatible with Universal Electricity, Thermal Expansion and IndustrialCraft. Fully working in Minecraft 1.7.10

  21. Spy Mod:

    Spy Mod make you secret agent. this mod become handy when you building bases and making traps and also when you making awesome weaponry. This mod can crafting recipes, blocks, building blocks, armour sets and holograms. when you playing with this mod it makes feel you like a spy. awesome mod working with Minecraft 1.7.10.

  22. Familiars API Mod:

    This mod work like protector, companion and folows the player. when the player attacked by mobs this mod heal the player. most of the options not available in beginning. you have to unlock them by buying xp or unlock achievements. in this mod you are not lonely. Familliar is always with you. This mod fully working with Minecraft 1.7.10.

  23. Dungeon Mobs Mod:

    This mod create different kind of mobs with different challenge. you must have to think tactically. Fully working in Minecraft 1.7.10. This mod introduce a variety of new mobs you hate. so don’t wait. start fighting with this mobs using your sword!

Minecaft Resource Packs:

  1. SlenderCraft Resource Pack:

    This Resource Pack is Based on Slenderman. if you have experience in slenderman Related games this Resource pack will be usefull for your minecraft 1.7.10. But if you not played slenderman related games before dont worry, This resource pack still useful for you. installation is very easy and using this resource pack make you so much fun.

Minecraft Maps:

  1. Rapido Parkour Map:

    This Map is created by Minecraft Forums Member ‘kev999999999’ This Map is fully functional in Minecraft 1.7.10 and This Map have Four Stages and those are Iron, Gold, Diamond and Emerald. Each stage have different levels and if you play longer it makes you harder to go. If you are fan of Parkour this is great map for you.


Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft Mods:

  1. Cheat Pack Mod:

    This Mod developed by Minecraft Forums User ‘Binkan Salaryman’. In this mod you can do cheat and easily get Enchantments and Potions. Special thing is if you stop playing in this mod the enchantments are still works. This mod is Functional in Minecraft 1.8 and working great! so why are you waiting? start cheating with cheat pack mod!

  2. Balkon’s WeaponMod:

    The Balkon’s weapon mod for minecraft 1.8 is an unique mod which implement a new system of weaponry. The new weaponry and items are easy to use and they are designed to use in a way very unique. So you will be love this mod for sure. After installing this mod you will be able to use Melee Weaponry such as Spear, Halberd, Knife, Battle axe, Warhammer and Flail. Musket, Crossbow, Blowgun, A blunderbuss are the ranged weaponry you will get from this mod.

Minecraft Maps:

  1. Zelda Adventure Map:

    This map is created by Adventurecraft. And this map designed to the Saga Legends of zelda fans. The story is same as the legends of zelda, the only thing is it’s in Minecraft. cool right? lot of things added into this new map for Minecraft 1.8 including weapons and armods, blocks that newly designed and mobs. you will be suprised when you added this map to your Minecraft for sure!

  2. Ultra Modern City Map:

    This Map is the Biggest map you will ever experience. This map doesn’t have any mission or goal to completed. so you can use this map in your Minecraft server as well. This Map includng suburban areas, sprawling city, mansions and many more amazing things you need to see. you can creat your own building and alow you to go inside of those you created. so you can get a idea about how big is this map. fully functional in Minecraft 1.8.

  3. Super Pirate Battle Royale Map:

    This Map is made for battle againes your friends on multiplaye mode. This is great map in Minecraft 1.8. This Map is developed by Minecraft Forums Member ‘disco_’ This map make you two to eight players to fight by firing blocks of the TNT across a water with simple button press.

  4. Solar Survival Map:

    In this map everyting is limited. so you have to find your resources. There is no usage of mods. so you can’t play like god. Only goal in this map is “survival”. challenges will found in the game. in the limited resources you have to think when you are going to eat. if you are not hungry, don’t eat. like that. those are the basic things in this map. fully working in Minecraft 1.8.

  5. Sky Den A Modded Sky Survival Map:

    To run this map you need Custom NPC mod, ThaumCraft 3, RedPower, Mystcraft and Equivalent Exchange 3. It’s hard to find the maps that required mods to run. in this map contains puzzles and custom npc’s with dialog and shop mechanics. if you use the mods i mentions above this map will be amazing. working great in Minecraft 1.8.

  6. Rush Map:

    Rush map is created by Planetminecraft member Xisuma. in this map the goal is destroy other teams bed and kill all players as much as you can. There is a four villagers who you can buy blocks, weapons, armors etc. The map is working in Minecraft 1.8 and current map version is 1.0.4.

  7. Imperial City Map:

    This map is design to 19th century and early 20th century. All the building are look classical. if you like to lost in 19th century world, this map is great. This map is design by Planetminecaft ‘Rigolo’. they are small team. you can put this map in your server as well. working on Minecraft 1.8 smoothly.

  8. Ant Farm Survival Map:

    Another great survival map for Minecraft 1.8. You have to survive with ants in this map as the title says. Ant Farm Survival Map contains a huge ant farm full of danger and treasure! Mobs spawners everywhere. Hidden Ores and treasures. Objectives and quest. And many more. Install the map to get thrills. Happy minecrafting!!

  9. Diversity Map:

    Diversity map for Minecraft 1.8 is a unique take on the CTM style gameplay by providing different game type for each different colour of wool. Provides ten different game modes to the player. Currently no faults or negatives with this Minecraft map. Available for both client and SMP.

  10. Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map:

    Extraordinary Map for Minecraft 1.8. Thrilling storyline with the features like people with dialog, magic, new monsters, bosses, traps and puzzles. Herobrine’s Mansion Adventure Map is with a very difficult, scary, amazing, roleplay scenario and a great and long storyline. Fun, vast Map and no mods required for this map.

  11. Floating Island Survival Map:

    There is floating islands all over the place as the title says. There are 120 individual islands in this huge map to discover. Caves, dungeons and quests are scathered all over the islands. A beautiful map with premaded water falls and premaded land and soil for Minecraft 1.8.

  12. Disneyland Map:

    Disneyland Map for Minecraft 1.8 will create a disneyland in your Minecraft world. ‘Ridable’ Minecarts and rails! This map can be installed for both client or server and compatible with other mods and texture packs. Everything in Disneyland Map has been to the highest of quality. Are you ready to explore the most magical place in Minecraft world!!

Minecaft Resource Packs:

  1. 3D Default Resource Pack:

    3D Default resource pack is for the people who love bubblish and 3d-ish backgrounds. This resource pack have one of the greatest graphics and 3D pictures. Lots of things are modified into Ultimate 3d minecraft style. The colors and shaders are also changed. Have a throw up 3D experience.

  2. Tex-D2 Resource Pack:

    Tex-D2 resource pack makes minecraft 1.8 look really good. This will brings a refreshing look to Minecraft. Brighter colors in natural things such as grass, trees and sharp edges on blocks. Recommended for average players who just want a good Minecraft look.

  3. John Smith Legacy Resource Pack:

    The John Smith Legacy resource pack implements and re-implements new and old textures from the original piece of work, and newer designs also. It uses a medieval aspect and simple textures. This is for the players simply looking for a calm, smooth and casual looking for their game. Inserted more time into the texture pack and developed by Glowstrontium. Updated and released texture pack to minecraft 1.8.

  4. Flow’s HD Resource Pack:

    The creater of Flow’s HD resource pack is Fettgondel. This is a 128×128 resource pack. So obviously for good computers. This is a amazing resource pack which look glossy, smooth and almost perfect. I promise you that you will be blown away by Flow’s HD.

  5. Torhan’s Clear Glass Default Resource Pack:

    This resource pack is for the ones who dislikes to vanilla default glass texture. Torhan’s Clear Glass Default resource pack’s main feature is it simply allows you to have clear glass blocks in Minecraft 1.8. This only changes a small portion so you can still enjoy the good old feeling of Vanilla Minecraft!

  6. The End Is Extremely Night Resource Pack:

    The End Is Extremely Night Resource Pack 1.8 is a pro apocalyptic themed pack by Santiago3. This resource pack has unique features you will love.  A must have in any minecrafters resource pack folder. Download and install the resource pack for feel the uniqueness :)

  7. SummerFields Resource Pack:

    Are you bored in cold and wind weather? If you need Summer mode at any weather condition only you need to do is download this SummerFields Resource Pack. This Resouce Pack Change your weather into warm and sunny what we all want. The Resource Pack is Updated to Minecraft 1.8 and you can Download it. To Run this Resource Pack you need to download first and drag all files into your resourcepack folder where locate in .minecraft folder.

  8. Paper Cut-Out Resource Pack:

    Most popular thing in minecraft fans is that making paper cut-outs of Minecraft Objects. in This Resource Pack it’s Reverse. Minecraft look like Papercut-outs. This Resource pack made by ‘superalgae’ with the helps of ‘Ergg’ and ‘Wemja’ who contribute to redevelop this Resource pack. This Resource pack uses shading to make look like textures cut and folded. Working in Minecraft 1.8. Download and try Paper cut-out Minecraft.

  9. Okami Resource Pack:

    Okami Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8 is a Japanese themed resource pack as the title sound like. It can be played in both HDpatched minecraft or the UNHDpatched minecraft. New textured blocks and lots of wicked cool features added to the resource pack. The sakura tree is my favorite. What is yours??

  10. Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack:

    Do you miss the good ol’ bright greenish grass from the older versions of the game. Then Nostalgia-Craft Resource Pack by 2XMM2 is the perfect thing for you. This is a new resource pack using the textures from the old version. Its worth a try for both old and new players just to know the feel and know how Minecraft was like in alpha versions.

  11. oCd Resource Pack:

    This is for the ones who looking for a resource pack with smooth, straight lines, and with no harsh colors. oCd Resource Pack is easier on your eyes and is made by disco_, a very popular map maker among the Minecraft community. The best thing is you don’t have to download Optifine or MCPatcher to use this pack!

  12. Kingdom Hearts Resource Pack:

    Hello anime fans this is a good news for you. Kingdom Hearts Resource Pack delivered from the anime/manga game which has been published by square Enix.  A funky texture pack where the creepers look like fluffy cute animals. Has Converted everything for Minecraft 1.8. Enjoy the cuteness..

  13. JaninaCraft Resource Pack:

    JaninaCraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8 is a wildish texture pack. This resource pack’s theme is about living in the jungle and stuff. Most of the things added here are the terrains and this resource pack did add lots of textures. One of the recommended resource packs for you.

  14. Good Morning Craft Resource Pack:

    This is for the ones who looking for an individual, simplistic resource pack. It implement a new theme into the game of minecraft and a new series of simplistic textures in a very unique way. The new textures are brighter, and much cartoonier, almost, than the default resource pack. Good Morning Craft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8 is truly amazing for all types of computers and users.

  15. Epic Craft Resource Pack:

    The Epic Craft Resource Pack is a really cool pack designed with attention to give you the best for your ears. It changes the default music discs to music created by the author. The music is awesome and fully updated to minecraft 1.8.

  16. Defscape Resource Pack:

    This is for those who bored of the old fancy Minecraft. Defscape Resource Pack present you with an opportunity to visit the World of Minecraft in a HD perspective. Although this pack makes the game smooth it wont make it “simple”. Everything is upgraded and is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.

  17. Dandelion Resource Pack:

    The Dandelion Resource Pack for Minecraft  1.8 is a cute and swirly simple cartoon resource pack. It looks like something you would see if you watch old cartoons on TV. It looks great and its really easy on the eyes too. The cartoony theme appeals to many people. Cuteness overflows!!!

  18. Blizzard’s 4×4 Resource Pack:

    This is 4×4 resolution resource pack by Blizzard. His intention is to create a resource pack for those people with bad graphics cards who wants a high frame rate (fps). This pack is created with Tweaked Compressed Ingot Blocks. The best 4x resource pack I would say and is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.

Minecraft 1.8.3

Minecraft Mods:

  1. Jammy Furniture Mod:

    This mod helps you to decorate your house with furnitures. if you are not good interior designer, don’t worry. This Mod will help you with basic needs you need. This mod have newly designed furnitures. for a examples, Lamps, chairs, bins and fridge. Fully working in Minecraft 1.8.3.

  2. Too Much TNT Mod:

    TooMuchTNT will added48 Different types of TNT’s plus Gunpowder and Uranium Ore to the Minecraft. Fully Working in Minecraft 1.8.3. This Mod is created by ‘MinecraftTNTstuff’ from Minecraft Forums.

  3. Lucky Blocks Mod:

    A single Mod can give you anything you want. Lucky Blocks Mod is created by ‘PlayerInDistress’. Mine Lucky Block and cross your fingers and it will drop items you want. in new 1.8.3 version there have more items. Lucky blocks can do spawn animals, monsters and structures. The Lucky Block mod will give you wonderfull experience when you mine lucky block everytime!

  4. Minecraft Comes Alive Mod:

    MCA gives you real village experience with replacing your caveman squidwards with Real Male and Female Humans. you can get married, you may have children. children can do farming, fishing, mining, hunting, woodcutting and much more. and children will grow and they will become adult. This is real life experience with Minecraft Comes alive for Minecraft 1.8.3.

  5. Clay Soldiers Mod:

    In this mod you can make Clay Soldiers using clay. you can create your own miniature army. This mod fully updated to Minecraft 1.8.3. Clay Soldiers Mod is one of the Popular Mod in Minecraft Mod database. you can make your clay soldiers Fight with using variety of weapons and armors. The soldiers fights for their colors. This Mod Developed by ‘SandAndreasP’

  6. More Explosives Mod:

    This mod will adds to your Minecraft, Missles, Landmines, Det Cord, FireWorks, C4 and Nuclear Explosives. also you can add Time Bombs, Smoke Grenades and much more. The latest version to Minecraft 1.8.4 is More Explosives 4.2 with major bug fixed. The installation is bit different that older method. you need Minecraft Forge to install this mod.

  7. Minecraft Forge API:

    Minecraft Forge is tool That changed lot of things in third party mod developing world in Minecraft. This days every coder in minecraft making mods. It’s easier and not taking much time. Old days there only one game mode in Minecraft. but after modders involved you can play minecraft with different kind of modes. there is great mods out there like lucky blocks mod, too much tnt mod and all mods need Minecraft forge to load the mod. you can load anymod you want. and you can easily remove it. there is not much update to Minecraft 1.8.3.

Minecraft 1.8.4

Minecraft Mods:

  1. DecoCraft Mod:

    If you like to decorate your Minecraft, this mod is for you. You can add objects into Mincraft for decoration. and easier to make cinematic. The mod fully updated to Minecraft 1.8.4. This Mod is Developedby Minecraft Forumes member ‘RazzleberryFox’

  2. TrainCraft Mod:

    To install traincraft you need mc forge. This mod Compatible with IC2 experimental and Railcraft. if you want trains in your world this mod is for you. fully updated to Minecraft 1.8.4. the new version there have newly built trains more than 100 varieties. One of the Best Mod in Minecraft Mods!

  3. Shoulder Surfing Mod:

    This mod is created to change the view to behind the body view with over the shoulder. This style is inspired by Capcom’s Resident Evil 4, and Metal Gear Solid. If you are a lover of behind the body view you must try this mod. To install this Mod you need Minecraft Forge. The only down side of this mod is you can’t use other mods when you added this mod into your Minecraft. The reason is this mod inject code into base files in Minecraft. so i suggest you to backup your .minecraft folder before install this mod.

  4. Tropicraft Mod:

    Tropicraft is the best mod for me all time. This mod added new tropical biomes to Minecraft. Why we love tropicraft becaouse Innovative Terrain Generation. Plentiful Wildlife…Countless species of animals and wait! there is new beaches, monsters and much more. This mod doesn’t make any changes in normal world.

  5. Clay Soldiers Mod:

    When you hearing about clay that sounds like really a clay? yes. in Clay Soldiers mod you can make soldiers using Clay. and you can create your own miniature army and make stage of epic battles. This is so much fun and you must try this. Like other mods you need Minecraft Forge to this.

  6. AdventureCraft Mod:

    Are you bored of just building blocks and killing creepers?? Then AdventureCraft is the best thing for you. This mod is designed for Minecrafters to make an Adventure map to share to others! customize mob spawn points, customize triggered things, make npc are some of the variety of things you can do with this mod. Thanks to the Cryect(developer) for making this mod!

Minecaft Resource Packs:

  1. JohnSmith Resource Pack:

    JohnSmith resource pack is highly customizable and a community favourite resource pack. looks higher definition than it actually is and  looks great on buildings. Compatible with minecraft 1.8.4. Thanks to JohnSmith27 for bringing us this JohnSmith Resource Pack

Minecraft 1.8.6

Minecraft Mods:

  1. Rei’s Minimap Mod:

    Most Updating Mod in Minecraft alltime. This Mod help you to fined the locations of Mobs, animals and much more. Fully Working in Minecraft. The Minimap located in top right corner. ou can enable or disable it with using ‘M’ key. Rei’s Minimap Mod include Compass feature that allow you to see right direction when you alone.

  2. Minecraft Comes Alive Mod:

    In Minecraft if you need to come all things alive like in our world, Minecraft comes alive mod is for you. This mod fully working in Minecraft 1.8.6 and you can do new things in the 1.8.6 MCA update. The radix shock team doing great job to update this mod and bring us the magical experience of MCA.

  3. TooManyItems Mod:

    The Best Mod you ever liked in all times TooManyItems updated to Minecraft 1.8.6 with new features and bug fixed. This mod create and cutomized the items including those not available in creative mode. cool right? for 1.8.6 version updated on June 2015. To install this mod you need Minecraft Forge. Download and install this mod and control time, weather and more with TooManyItems.

  4. Shoulder Surfing Mod:

    This mod is created to replace the default thrird person behind-the-body view with more traditional “over the shoulder” view. The mod is created by Minecraft Forums member ‘Sabar’. all credits of this mod goes to him. if you need to change your view angle to behind upper shoulder you must try this mod.

  5. DecoCraft Mod:

    This mod is for the decorating lovers. DecoCraft Mod adds an astounding 400 new items to the game including Cool Christmas and Halloween updates. The themes range from furniture, hobbies, indoor, outdoors, toys, lighting, plumbing, storage, food and more! If you like to build homes like in The Sims, be sure to download and install DecoCraft Mod for Minecraft today!

  6. Clay Soldiers Mod:

    The clay soldiers mod adds little colored steves that you can make from clay and soul sand. There are a bunch of ways to upgrade them using sticks, leather, gold nuggets, iron blocks, bowls, etc. You can use them for your own amusement and they can also build houses. The battles you can set them on are quite amusing. This mod is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.6.

  7. XRay Mod:

    XRay Mod introduces an amazing and very intelligent system for Minecraft 1.8.6. It allows the user to spot any ores, chests, torches, cobblestone and also gems that lay above and underneath the surface of the world. So the players can harvest ores under the ground faster, and more efficiently. Very useful mod for mining.

  8. Pixelmon Mod:

    Do you like Pokemon? and you need to add Pokemons to your Minecraft? Well, Pixelmod can add 294 different types of Pokemon to Minecraft without injecting codes into core files. so that’s mean you can play this mod with other mods. This mod is not a small mod. This mod change your Minecraft into Pokemon world. Download and try Pixelmon Mod.

  9. Minecraft Forge API:

    To use many mods you need minecraft forge. old days Modloader is the pre mod tool used to add mods into Minecraft. But later modders developed big mods and it need big pre mod tool that change not only outside of world. The minecraft forge change inside of worlds and enhance the gameplay. The Modloader now takeover by Minecraft forge because of it’s power to do this changes in Minecraft.

  10. Lucky Blocks Mod:

    Do you like a magic block that gives you lot of things you want? well, lucky block is single block do exact thing. when you mining lucky block it drops diamonds or spawn a creepers. you will have anything inside the minecraft world. don’t wait! start mining Lucky Blocks!

  11. Cheat Pack Mod:

    Cheat Pack Mod is created by Binkan Salaryman. With this mod you can cheat and get Enchantments and Potions easier. And also enchantments still work if you stop using the mod. Compatible with version 1.8. The favorite mod of mine. let’s start cheating cheaters 😉

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